Mnemonic Device to Organize Information and Remember People

Hi I'm mar and I'm dyslexic. If there's a word, letter or number you need transposed, call me. Need directions FUBAR-d? I'm your girl. My husband knows from 26 years of marriage) when I say "turn left," he should turn right. He has learned that magazines mean newspapers, paper clips are clothespins, etc (well, etc., for a dyslexic--there's really no way to know what we'll mix up next.)

So I not only understand how learning disabled students think, I empathize. Spelling, word order, letters and numbers give me an ocular migraine. We aren't dumb or slow--we just rearrange details. Our perceptions are distorted, too. Here's a mnemonic device I invented for categorizing information and cataloging data. If  it doesn't make sense to you non-dyslexics, don't worry. My fellow sufferers will get it!  My Dyslexic Way of Mentally Categorizing Connections

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