Free Hanukkah Printables, Lessons, Worksheets, Grames

Very soon, the lovely Hebrew Festival of Light, Hanukkah (also spelled Chanukah) will begin. In 2013, Hanukkah begins Nov. 27, the day before the U.S. Thanksgiving and ends December 5. I encourage special needs teachers to find out what holidays their students observe. Whatever the creed--Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu or other ideology, help kids expand their world view teaching this sacred season. Here are
free lesson plans, coloring pages, puzzles, games and activities to help Jews celebrate and non-Jews understand this winter holiday.  Free Hanukkah / Chanukah Printables

Got Stress, Aches, Pains? Get Yoga

Just got back from yoga and I'm walking on the shavasana buzz. Actually, it's a full-body high from all those nurturing, invigorating asanas. I hate jumping around exercise like aerobics and jogging. I need the serenity of yoga. And for special needs kids, ADHD, autistic, developmentally disabled, EI, early childhood special education,
yoga is awesome. Gentle non-competitive, non-threatening and soothing. And it energizes muscles tired from too much desk sitting and computer time.  Got Stress, Aches, Pains? Get Yoga

Sleep Apnea, Lack of Rest Cause Weight Gain

Kids with special needs are often more prone to obesity. Disabilities and related medications cause health problems. They affect exercise, nutrition and sleep. I've suffered from sleep apnea all my life; I snore heavily, stop breathing and spend most of my sleep time in stage one sleep.

Proper sleep and weight loss go hand in hand. As a teen, young adult and even into my late 30s, weight was not a problem. I was able to eat whatever I wanted. Since losing two stillborn babies and taking antidepressants, I gained 110 pounds (see photo right, 2010. Here's how sleep disorders caused that and getting on a CPAP helped me sleep better and lose weight (photo left, 2013). Healthy Diet Tips: Sleep Apnea and Lack of Sleep Affect Weight Gain

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