Behavior Modification Positive Reinforcement Works for Special Needs

I’ve been a certified special needs teacher since 1986. Special educators teach in different ways, using hands on and multisensory learning and individualized instruction. Discipline is different too. We used behavior modification. Despite its bad reputation, it’s actually very effective. It works well with young children, non-verbal and those who aren’t ready for cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) or REBT (rational emotive behavior therapy). Actually behavior mod works for everyone, even fully functional adults.  Behavior Modification Positive Reinforcement Works Best for Special Needs

Bibliotherapy Book Pick--The Cat Who Went to Heaven

Literature can touch the most seemingly unreachable of children. Gentle stories and pictures are like balm for at-risk, emotionally impaired or hurting kids. I have always been an avid reader. As a child, I was most at home in a library. I especially liked books about cats. When I was 8, I discovered Elizabeth Coatsworth's classic "The Cat Who Went to Heaven." It's a simple tale, set in Japan. Its woodcut illustrations were, to me, charming, exotic and evocative. The story tells of a little cat, Good Fortune, so named because she has lucky markings and because she brings happiness to a poor painter.  Childrens Literature Book Pick--The Cat Who Went to Heaven

Printable Winter Crafts, Coloring for Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics

 Teacher Mama is here with printable winter-themed crafts for bored, snowbound kids. Get your students geared up for Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics with printable games, crafts and coloring pages. And make cool snowflakes and wintry crafts. First, clear a spot on the table. Or better yet set up a separate craft table. Bust out glue, scissors, markers, glitter, your nifty scrapbook edging scissors, stickers, pom poms, fake gems all your crafty goodies.Next, go to these websites  Printable Winter Crafts and Activities for Kids

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