Free Online Games, School Approved Games

Free Online Games for Spelling Since my daughter's Webkinz account expired I can't play Cash Cow 2, I searched online games. I don't like most online gaming, action, shooter, MMORPG, but I love word puzzles. Addicting Games, source of free online games offers school-approved Whizz Wordz. It's my new fave. Read More

Free Printable Clocks and Telling Time Activities

Free Printable Clock Faces, Clocks with Hands and Telling Time Lessons
Telling time using an analog clock with hands is one of the most confusing concepts to teach students. Interactive, hands on clocks and telling time lesson make it easier. Here are free printable clocks and telling time lessons. Read More

Free Printable Blank Checks and Banking Slips for Life Skills

Free Printable Blank Checks for Money Math, Economics and Banking Practice Money, banking and finances are practical math applications. Students learn to write checks, balance a check book and manage debit, savings and checking accounts. Here are free printable checks, check register, deposit and withdrawal slips. Read More

How to Get Kids to Do Homework

How to Encourage Students to Finish Schoolwork, Discipline Them when They Don't For some students completing schoolwork and homework is never a problem. Then there are those students who just never seem to be able to finish their work. How can a teacher get kids to finish work on time and discipline those who don't? Read More

Is Recess a Privilege? Should Kids Lose Recess?

Should Students Lose Recess Privileges and When Should They Lose Them? Is recess in elementary schools a privilege that can be earned or lost? Is recess a right of students? Or is recess simply an important part of healthy education? A veteran special needs and general education teacher explores the concept of recess. Read More

Discipline and Classroom Management: Individual or Class Punishment?

Should Students Be Rewarded and Punished Individually or as a Class?
Should students be rewarded and punished as a class or for individual achievement and behavior? I'm quite certain that most people would respond 'individually'. Many teachers reward and punish the whole class collectively, however. Read More

Understanding Teen Brain Development and Psychology

Parenting Teens: Understanding Adolescent Brain Development The brain of a teenager has developed for the most part, to its full adult ability. Teens progress from concrete, two-dimensional thinking to abstract thinking. Adolescents brain neurons are firing at a rate unparalleled at any other time of life. Read More

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