Christmas Around the World: History, Lessons and Activities from Germany

 Special needs kids love fantasy and mythological characters. For the holidays, there's no better place to dig up adventure and fantasy, than in Germany. Gods, goddesses, heroes and saints, they all people Germany's colorful holiday history. Here are lesson plans for winter holidays, German-style. Travel with me to the Black Forest, for a look at holiday celebrations in Deutschland. Germany was, for a good part of it's history, a mix of warring nomadic Saxon, Hunnic and Teutonic tribes, who worshiped the pantheon of gods from Valhalla. They celebrated a winter solstice or Saturnalia. From their gods we get the names of our week days: From mighty Thor with his thunderbolt we get Thursday. From his vengeful wife Freya we get Friday. From Woden (or Odin), brother of Thor, we get Wednesday. The druids, an ancient race of animists or worshipers of nature, left their mark as well. Their most important deity was embodied in the oak as it grew so large and seemed so powerful. For the rest of the story, plus German holiday crafts and activities, Global Holiday Hop: Germany

Free Printable Christmas Holiday Decorations

Finding yourself cash-strapped this holiday season? No extra funds for decorations? If you like filling your home with Christmas cheer but can't afford to, you need free printable Christmas decorations and crafts. Print from your computer for inexpensive holiday decor. These make great children's craft projects, too. Want to get double the fun from these crafts? Print in black and white and color them yourself. Free Printable Christmas Holiday Decorations 

What Parents Should Know About Flu Vaccines for Children

What Parents Should Know About Flu Vaccines for Children The flu affects 90 million children younger than 5 annually. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends everyone get flu vaccines. One thing to note is that vaccines are not mandatory. Schools and health organizations can advise parents to have children vaccinated, but they cannot force it. If you wish to avoid vaccines, here are free printable waiver forms. You'll need to provide these for your child's daycare and school. Here is some information about children and flu shots, also. Read on...

Free Printable Veterans Day Lesson Plans: War History Activities

Veteran's Day, or Armistice Day, is celebrated on November 11, the end of World War One on November 11, 1918. Veteran's Day honors those who served in the military. Here are free printable lesson plans on war history, WW1, WW2, Vietnam, Korea and American military. Help special needs kids explore this most important observance. Free Printable Veterans Day Lesson Plans 

Free Printable Coloring Mini Books for Preschool, Early El, ECSE

Educator Jonathon Holt says children learn best when they are actively involved. Here are free printable mini booklets for children to color. Subject include letters, words, seasons, animals, science, Bible, holidays and lots more. These books make excellent classroom, homeschoool and supplemental lessons for ages 4-7 years (grades preschool through second). These free printable activities are especially good for ECSE and special needs children. Free Printable Coloring Mini Books for Children 

Gene Research Provides Diabetes Treatment Options

Researchers have discovered a new Type 1 diabetes gene. Australian scientists also found an LD1 master gene for Type 2 diabetes. New connections have been made between asthma and diabetes. Both conditions are also linked to weight problems, poor nutrition and sedentary lifestyles. Asthma and diabetes are the most common chronic childhood illnesses. Diabetes is commonly attributed to sedentary lifestyle. Diabetes is on the rise, as are asthma and obesity. Many special needs children, especially POHI (Physical or Otherwise Health Impaired) struggle with obesity, diabetes and asthma. Gene Research Provides Diabetes Treatment Options 

Free Fire Safety, Environment, Emergency Preparedness Lesson Plans

One thing special needs children struggle with is decision-making. Lessons on safety and emergency preparedness are vital in special education curriculum. Here are free lesson plans to teach students about wildfires, fire prevention and environmental science from Sparky, Smokey and more. These are just in time for Fire Prevention Week, October 7-13, 2012. Lesson Plans About Wildfires, Fire Prevention and Environmental Science 

Free Printable Bugs Coloring Pages and Activities

 Insects, bugs and spiders make the perfect unit for school or homeschool in autumn. Many special needs kids love bugs, but some are afraid of them. These lesson plans can help children understand insects and learn how to explore them safely. Caterpillars, butterflies and cocoons are a perfect topic to explore in fall. Insects are a fascinating subject for life science and biology classes. For your lessons on insects or just for coloring page fun, here are 150 free printable insect and spider coloring pages. Free Printable Bugs Coloring Pages

Free Printable Labor Day Coloring Pages for Vocational training

Labor Day was developed by labor unions as a day to recognize the achievements and contributions of organized labor as well as the efforts of every working person in the United States. As with most holidays and celebration, Labor Day has come to be known as the last party day before school starts. And every holiday must have it's fun and games, right? Here are several websites which offer free printable coloring pages, games, puzzles and party decorations. For those who want to explore the more educational aspect of Labor Day, I listed some links and websites with free printable lesson plans and activities as well. Free Printable Labor Day Activities for Vocational training

Sleep Problems, Night Terrors in Children? Nix Television Before Bed

Sleep Problems, Night Terrors in Children? Nix TV Before Bed Sleeping problems are one of the most parenting woes. Developmental issues make bedtime difficult for many children. Pediatrics released a study recently linking sleep problems and night frights in children to violent TV shows and bedtime TV viewing. sleep problems and TV

Resources for Parents of Autistic Children

April is National Autism Awareness Month. It's estimated that 1 out of every 110 people has Autism-Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Since the 1970s, advocates have been educating the public about autism. Here are resources for parents of autistic children. Resources for Parents of Autistic Children

Does Dragon NaturallySpeaking Speech Recognition Software Make People Lazy?

Does Dragon NaturallySpeaking Speech Recognition Software Make People Lazy? Speech recognition software programs converts spoken language to type. One of the most popular and affordable brands of voice-activated software is Dragon NaturallySpeaking by Nuance. Dragon NS Home Edition is available for around $50. Does speech recognition software make people lazy? That's the question some educators and parents are asking themselves. Read on

Resources for Parents and Teachers about Facebook Depression

When Pediatrics identifies a health issue it's noteworthy. March's "The Impact of Social Media on Children, Adolescents and Families" explores emotional health concerns with texting, sexting and Twitter. "Facebook Depression" is the colloquial term. Read on

Free Printable Disney Education Activities: Spelling, Math, Reading - Associated Content from Yahoo! -

Free printable Disney cartoon educational lesson plans; what better way to teach math, counting, reading, spelling and writing than with Disney friends. Great for homeschool, preschool, early childhoods and special needs learners. Free Printable Disney Education Activities

Free Printable WordWorld Activities

Wordworld is a cute, educational show on PBS that helps children read. Perfect for preschool, early elementary and special needs students. Here are free printable Wordworld activities. Free Printable WordWorld Activities

Free Printable Color Coding Phonics and Spelling Rules Chart

I'm a trained special education teacher. Every lesson I create focuses on hands-on, interactive instruction. Here is a free printable phonics and spelling chart I developed to teach phonics sounds, syllable and spelling patterns using a color 'code.' Color coding helps children to use phonics to sound out rules and learn to spell properly. spelling lesson planst.

Free Printable Kids Around the World Coloring Pages

When I was four, I had a coloring book called 'Dolls of Many Lands'. Each page featured a doll dressed in traditional or native costume from different countries. Here are free printable coloring pages of children in traditional dress from cultures around the world. I remember how I enjoyed coloring the different cultural outfits from around the world. In today's world, we have become more global, but we haven't given up our individuality. Around the world children still dress in native ceremonial outfits at various cultural and religious holidays and events. These coloring pages make excellent social studies lessons. It helps children explore how children in other lands live. free printable kids around the world coloring pages

Free Printable Alphabet Lessons

Fisher Price, makers of Little People toys has created a website with hundreds of free printable coloring pages based on Fisher-Price and Mattel toys. Here are free printable alphabet letters, numbers and shapes coloring pages to use for preschool lessons. Free Printable Fisher Price Letters, Numbers Coloring

Free Printable Stone Soup Activities

The legend of Stone Soup is timeless. It's been retold by Marcia Brown, Ann McGovern and Jon J. Muth. Stone Soup is sacred text in preschool and elementary classrooms. Stone Soup teaches important affective and cognitive lessons: sharing, empathy, self advocacy. If you are teaching Stone Soup, here are free printable Stone Soup activities.

Free Printable Graphic Organizers for Special Education

Graphic organizers, content maps and content webs all refer to visual aids created by teachers to help students visual concepts and organize information into an understandable pattern. Here are free printable graphic organizers and content maps. Graphic organizers came into vogue and became a buzzword in education in the late 1980s. Many teachers, especially special education teachers trained in the late 1970s and early 1980s have always recognized the benefit of organizing content visually. free printable graphic organizers.

Free Printable Play Money, Bills, Coins for Money Math Lessons

I maintain several free education and lesson plans blogs. One of the most frequently requested materials from blog users is "free printable money". Teachers use play money, coins and bills in a variety of math lessons. Here are free printable coins, bills and play money. Home school families will want to use these free printable coins, bills and play money for lessons also. free printable play money 

Using Dr. Seuss Books in Special Education Classes

March is National Reading Month. Dr. Seuss's birthday is celebrated March 2 and kicks of the month with Read Across America. Here are some lessons to use Dr. Seuss books in all grades for economics, social justice, green and environmentalism. This is a great way to reach special needs students. Dr Seuss lesson plans

Free Printable Personalized Calendars, Planners and Organizers for Children

Special needs children often struggle with time management and organization. The concept of time is difficult to conceptualize. One of the best ways to teach a child to be organized is to help them follow a daily calendar or schedule. Here are free printable monthly and weekly calendars, personal organizers and schedules. free printable student calenders

Free Printable Valentines Day Countdown Calendar

Countdown calendars are becoming very popular to help children count down the days to special events and holidays. Here is a free printable countdown to Valentines Day calendar. This cute cut and paste craft works well for preschool, elementary classrooms, homeschool and Girl Scout troop activities. This is a perfect craft and math lesson for special needs children. This craft comes from those very creative folks at Family Fun. Readers and friends of this blog. free printable valentines

"Roger Ebert Presents at the Movies" Gives Voice to Physically Impaired

"Roger Ebert presents at the Movies" is exciting is because it gives voice to physically challenged people. This show proves that although someone may experience suffering and even "deformity" he can still make a positive contribution. Roger Ebert has admitted to feeling shy and embarrassed about changes to his face and body. He is open about the frustrations and limitations presented by his illness. Those are feelings we can all identify with. Ebert has gone on to say that "we spend too much time hiding illness". I believe that Roger Ebert's illness and suffering has given him a unique perspective on life, an advantage of special insight that those of us who have not experienced lack. Read more

One Room Schoolhouse for American History Lesson Plans

 As a teacher and homeschool parent, I have created a complete unit of pioneer and early American history lesson plans and activities. Here is a diy guide to create your own "One Room School House" experience for your students or homeschool group. Excellent for special needs children who need interactive lessons. one room schoolhouse lesson plans

Free Printable Educational Crossword Puzzles in all Subjects

Looking for free printable crossword puzzles for classroom lesson plans, home school, homework, church and social groups and just for fun? Looking for free printable crossword puzzles for general and special needs classroom lesson plans, home school, homework, church and social groups and just for fun? Don't lose this link because there over 3,000 free printable crossword puzzles on it. free printable crossword puzzles

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