My Emotional Health Self-Help Books Bibliography

Whenever I need guidance, comfort, help or advice, I look to the book. The Bible is my guide for life, but it's  worlds beyond the ordinary book. I've found comfort and healing and emotional from ordinary authors, too. Are you struggling with emotional issues: fear, anger, shame, low self esteem, depression, death, loss, grief, compulsive behavior, abuse, addiction, betrayal? Here's my recommended reading list for survival. Each of these has helped me at some point in my life. I've written this list chronologically according where I was when I discovered the book. 10 Emotional Health Self-Help Books 

Michigan School Elects Special Needs Homecoming King

Fall in high school means one thing perhaps more than others: football. And with football comes the ritual homecoming king and queen selections. In Linden, Michigan, a small rural community located between Flint, Michigan, and Detroit, it's no different. Linden is just an average small town, but in quality of life and paying it forward, it's a world leader, particularly at the local high school. Students at Linden High School elected a special needs boy, Danny Leideker, as their homecoming king. Kuduos to the kids, but more importantly, kuduos to you, Danny. Or should I say, HRH! Well done. Read more Michigan School Elects Special Needs Homecoming King

Montessori Mom--Preschool Science Learning Center

From 27 years in Montessori and special education, I've developed a learning center approach to parenting. From the time our kids were toddlers, I arranged their play area with learning stations. When I home schooled, I did the same with the school room. If you've got preschool age kids or are homeschooling, I highly recommend at-home learning centers. Here's how this Montessori mom set up a science learning center.  Montessori Mom--at Home Preschool Science Learning Center

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