Free printable photo frames, picture frame crafts special needs children can make for gifts

 Parent-themed holidays like Mother's Day (second Sunday in May), Father's Day (second Sunday in June) and Grandparents Day (third Sunday in September) are perfect times for homemade gift-giving. Here are photo frames crafts for kids to make as birthday or Christmas presents and holiday gifts for mommy and daddy for their special days. Use these free printable picture frames for children to print, color, cut and assemble. They they can frame photos of themselves with mom or dad. Use free printable photo frames to make greeting cards, too. These crafts are perfect for special needs children to make.  Free printable photo frames, picture frame crafts for kids |

Burned 8 y/o Safyre, sole survivor of arson fire, wants Christmas cards

Do you send Christmas cards? Here's a name to add to your list--Safyre, and she is a true gem. When you read her story, you'll smile through your tears. Because this little lady has true grit in the face of staggering adversity and all Safyre asks for is Christmas cards. KSDK reported on Dec. 9, that Safyre was badly burned at 5 years old and is the sole survivor of a 2013 arson fire that killed her entire family. As you might imagine, life has not been easy for the fire orphan. Her auntie and uncle care for her, but what with scarring, surgeries, skin grafts, stares, disability, post-traumatic stress disorder, loneliness, emotional scarring from arson, fear, perhaps survivor guilt, life isn't easy. The holiday season is particularly difficult for anyone struggling with grief, loss, pain and suffering.   Burned 8 y/o Safyre, sole survivor of arson fire, wants Christmas cards |

Free printable origami Christmas ornaments, folded paper crafts, holiday decor

Need hands-on activities to keep children busy during holiday preparations? Here are free printable origami Christmas ornaments, cut-and-paste Christmas crafts, folded paper crafts and holiday decor. Making origami gives children practice in math, measurement and fine motor skills (and keep them productively occupied so parents can actually get something done!) These activities are perfect for elementary and middle school students, math lesson plans, homeschool and winter vacation fun. With assistance, special needs, disabled students, preschoolers and senior citizens can make these crafts.   Free printable origami Christmas ornaments, folded paper crafts, holiday decor |

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