Career, Vocational Training and Transition Options for Special Needs Students

Description of the benefits of career preparation and vocational training for emotionally impaired and emotionally and behaviorally disordered students; includes peer-reviewed, refereed bibliography. Career, Vocational Training for High School Emotionally Impaired Students 

How to Help ADD and ADHD Kids Pay Attention

 Got bored, sleepy students in class? Skip the Adderall or Ritalin. Here's a surefire way to get students to wake up and pay attention to their lessons! It's easy, it's free, it's painless and best of all it really works! Let them draw while listening to lessons. Check out my blogs on Free Coloring Pages 4u if you need some free printable coloring pages or cut and paste crafts to engage busy minds! Helping ADHD Kids Pay Attention in Class

Assessing Special Needs Children

Special Needs: How to Determine What Needs (if any) Exist
Comparison is a dangerous word to use with students. Special needs children can not be measured with the same stick used for unimpaired students. What we can do is to understand each learner. We can explore options. I've outlined certain special needs 'red flags'. I include a sequenced checklist (not definitive) of age-appropriate behavior: a series of questions. Yes to one to three questions is probably not indicative of a problem. More than three 'yes' answers indicates further testing. Remediation may be...Read more

10 Books About Bullying--Funny, Proactive Ways to School Bullies

Bullying is a hate crime, but it's more about the bully's issues than the victim. Special needs children often experience more bullying, yet have fewer resources. Here are 10 witty and ingenious books for kids, teachers, parents, caregivers and caring adults that address the problem of bullying at home and school. Read as bullied underdogs take on their persecutors in proactive, bully-busting ways.
Bullying: 10 Books for Home and School 

What Special Needs Classroom, Resource Room Should Have

 When selecting resources for special needs students, it is important to follow the objectives outlined in the child's IEP (Individualized Education Plan. If clear, manageable objectives have been chosen for the student, you will have the beginning of a useful shopping list for materials.Since students have often met with failure in traditional classrooms, the special needs environment needs to be supplied for success. A good, basic classroom will include these basic elements. Finding Special Education Resources

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