Juvenile Diabetes~ Understanding this Special Need

We generally think of diabetes in relation to adults. Genetic predisposition, family history and obesity are the typical causes of diabetes. Higher rates of childhood obesity is causing a higher incidence of juvenile diabetes. Here's how you can help. View more »Diabetes: Parenting a Diabetic Child 

Innovative Special Needs Programs

How to Develop Innovative Special Education Programs Innovation in special needs learning has never been easier and more crucial! Educators and administrators have a wealth of resources at their disposal via the internet. We are learning more about what works with those who rely upon us for assistance. And best of all, many of the components of a quality program can be implemented inexpensively, a real relief in these days of 'lots of show and little go' from government programs. Read more

Life Skills Lessons for Special Needs Students-JOB CLUB

A description of how to set up a job club in your school. Activities include life skills lesson, career exploration, resume preparation, communication activities, CBI (community based instruction), interpersonal skills, occupational therapy, interview skills, hygiene and grooming, job hunting, self advocacy, token economy, play store.
Vocational Training Career Preparation Activities: Job Club

Life Skills Lessons for Special Needs Students

Vocational and Career Preparation Activities in Lesson Plans for Reading and Writing Lessons for special needs students. Career preparation and vocational skills. Activities cover communication, writing prompts, literacy,  transitions, life skills, job hunting skills, writing a resume and self advocacy free life skills lesson plans

Free Math Life Skills Lesson Plans

Math reading, writing, and practical life lessons and activities for special needs students. Improve life and vocational skills. Great career preparation. Fosters self advocacy and transition. Lessons work well for community based instruction. Vocational Training,  Career Preparation Lesson Plans

Websites with Free English Reading Help

Review of 10 sites to get free assistance with literature lesson planning or homework. Includes study guides, lesson plans, activities, games, online books, ebooks, reference and resources. Did I mention that these online resources are free?! Free Literature Lesson Plans

Learning Centers Rubric for Special Needs Students; All ages and Health Issues

Principles for K-6 Centers: Organize Learning Centers Learning centers are ideal for all ages. Learning centers are perfect for special needs students. Here's a rubric for center work in a variety of learning environments. Designed for students with affective, cognitive, perceptual and motor impairment. View more

Safe Internet and Online Game Sites

Safe Online Game Sites for Older Kids, Tweens, Teens, Review of 5 sites which offer a huge variety of free, safe, fun online game play for kids of all ages.
Safe game sites

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