Weekly Menu, Healthy Apple Themed Kids Treats for September

When I first started teaching special education there was a POHI category--physically and otherwise health impaired. And in teaching I've seen a lot of special needs kids with other health issues. Obesity is now recognized as a health issue. I see nutrition and exercise as the keys to improving these. So I started writing a series on healthy themed kids' foods and school snacks. I've amended that to a +Week-of-school-snacks and 5-day-school-lunch-menu using those tags. Preschool lessons tend to follow weekly themes. Last month's theme was Back to School. For this week in September, it's apple themed treats with a nod to Halloween. Read more Weekly Menu, Healthy Apple Themed Kids Treats for September

Benefits of Yoga for Kids and Adults

I started yoga 13 years ago, dropped out for 12 years and finally started going back last year. But I haven't been very faithful, honestly. I don't know why I always find a thousand excuses not to go. Mostly, it's just laziness. And yoga isn't just for adults. Kids can benefit, especially special needs kids who may not be able to participate in other games or sports. Yoga is great emotionally too. Here are a bunch of reasons why I'm going back to yoga and why you should consider for kids or students. I am Going Back to Yoga

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