4th of July Crafts for 4th of July--Decorate a Bike or Wheelchair!

 4th of July meant one certain thing for us as children: decorating our bikes and riding them in the local parade, or at least just riding them around the neighborhood. Bike decorating is an awesome craft for special needs kids--easy, hands-on, no-fail. And if you're disabled child happens to be wheelchair bound--decorate the wheelchair! He can supervise if he's not able to actually do it. He'll love bossing siblings around :) You can easily decorate any bicycle in a patriotic theme with this simply step-by-step guide. How to Decorate a Bike for a 4th of July Parade

Free Printable Vacation Bible School Activities Special Need Kids will Love

Summer brings all sorts of favorite family traditions and activities. One very popular summer activity is VBS, or Vacation Bible School. Almost every local church sponsers a week-long Vacation Bible School. And don't let the term 'school' intimidate you. Most vacation Bible School programs are fun-filled, interactive and activity based. Students spend a week making crafts, playing games, learning about religious concepts and making friends.  Free Printable Vacation Bible School Activities 

Free Father's Day Gifts, Printable Activities

Looking for low-cost Father's Day gifts? (Hint--third Sunday in June, don't forget!) Why not do something with dad instead of buy him something? Here are 26 free Father's Day activities from A-Z. Easy for all ages and ability levels. I've included free printable paper airplanes, greeting cards and dad-friendly crafts, too. Free Father's Day Gifts, Do-With-Dad Activities from A-Z

Low Cost Father's Day Shopping List to Teach Special Needs Kids Math Skills

Looking for math lessons that teach special education students life skills? Why not have kids make a shopping list, calculate a budget and go to a store to shop? This teaches communication,  money management, comparison, evaluation, real-world navigation and interaction skills. Holiday gift-giving is a great opportunity. Why not start with Father's Day? Here are 50 Father's Day Gifts Under $10.

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