Nadya Suleman runs from Octomom, porn star image, blames media for creating her, but can she hide?

Nadya Suleman is running from both her images as octomom and a porn star but can she hide? The single welfare mom of 14 blames the media for creating this monster mom persona and for enticing her to capitalize on it. Now the former Octomom is rebranding herself as Natalie Suleman, psychiatric nurse. But the public has a memory like an elephant and it's doubtful that the one-time most hated woman in America can outrun that distinction. You know what they say about old sins casting long shadows. Is this just another delusion from Suleman? She's lied about stripping, drug addiction, porn, child neglect, food stamps, disability, lip implants, tummy tuck, breast implants, plastic surgery, malpractice, public-funded in vitro fertilization, so a name change is nothing. Even as Natalie Suleman, the truth-stretching hasn't ceased.  Nadya Suleman runs from Octomom, porn star image, blames media, but can she hide?

JonBenet Ramsey brother Burke Ramsey horrified folks in Dr. Phil murder tell-all

Burke Ramsey, brother of murdered 6-year-old #JonBenet Ramsey, horrified people in his first-ever murder tell-all to Dr. Phil McGraw. Ramsey, who was 9 at the time of his sister's killing in 1996, has long been suspected. When he opened up for the first time in 20 years, Burke shocked and angered a lot of people. Dr. Phil promised answers to the unsolved murder of the Boulder, Colorado child beauty queen but so far, the first two parts in this 3-part series have only served to further polarize. Did Burke Ramsey, mom Patsy Ramsey, dad John Ramsey or an intruder bludgeon, sexually assault and strangle little JonBenet?    JonBenet Ramsey brother Burke Ramsey horrified folks in Dr. Phil murder tell-all

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