Cheap, Educational Stocking Stuffers for Kids

 I laugh when I see what stores tout as "cheap" stocking stuffers. Anything over $5 isn't "cheap" especially not for stocking presents which are typically filler gifts. If my child is getting three or four bigger, pricier gifts under the tree, I can't afford to spend big on the stocking, too. Having four kids to shop for, Christmas is crazy-expensive enough without the stockings. So I look for stocking stuffers that cost a buck or two (preferably less!) But being a teacher--I don't want to fill that sock with useless junk. I demand some educational bang for my holiday shopping buck. Here's a plan to fill a kid's stocking with brain-building gifts, for about $5.  Perfect for special needs kids. Includes lots of developmental toys for kids with perceptional disabilities. Read more

Helping Children Cope with Connecticut School Shootings

In the aftermath of the Connecticut school shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary, kids are going to need help coping. 26 souls perished including 20 children--most around age five. How do you even begin to explain to kids why someone shoots children? It's going to be especially hard for special needs kids, and those with emotional disabilities. Well, first, you can't explain. The killer's state of mind is known only to God. But you can help kids not to be afraid. You can comfort and support. Here's an article I wrote with resources for kids on the Arizona shootings. The advice applies. read more

Free Printable Christmas Countdown Coloring Book

Advent is the Christian season of preparation before Christmas. Advent is the equivalent of lent before Easter. Here is a free printable Advent countdown to Christmas book with coloring and Bible activities for each day. Celebrate the nativity, or birth of Jesus with this daily devotional booklet. read more

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