How to Host a Holiday Heritage Festival in Your Classroom - Associated Content from Yahoo! -

Here's an easy diy guide to host a family heritage festival in your classroom. Engage students with family history and culture exploration. Hands-on, interactive lessons. Perfect for special needs students. Read about it here: How to Host a Holiday Heritage Festival in Your Classroom 

Free Printable Personalized Coloring Page Calendars

Calendar lessons are very important for children, especially special needs children who may struggle more with concepts of time management, organization and other math and time measurement tools. Here are free printable calendars that students can personalize and color themselves. Calendars come in Bible, animals, fantasy, holiday and cartoon character themes. Color your own calendars make learning fun. free printable personalized calendars

'Science Verse' and 'Math Curse' Make Science and Math Fun for Special Needs Kids

'Science Verse' and 'Math Curse' Funny Educational Books by Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith On a never-ending quest for science and math lesson plans that appeal to kids and make content user-friendly, the books of Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith meet task. 'Science Verse', 'Math Curse' and 'Squids will be Squids' combine learning and fun. free science and math lesson plans

How to Start a Garden Project in Your Classroom

Gardening is a healthy, green activity for children. Gardening can only be done outside though, right? Good news! Here is a great gardening project that you can organize right in your own home or classroom! Gardening Indoors with Children

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