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Free printable Disney cartoon educational lesson plans; what better way to teach math, counting, reading, spelling and writing than with Disney friends. Great for homeschool, preschool, early childhoods and special needs learners. Free Printable Disney Education Activities

Free Printable WordWorld Activities

Wordworld is a cute, educational show on PBS that helps children read. Perfect for preschool, early elementary and special needs students. Here are free printable Wordworld activities. Free Printable WordWorld Activities

Free Printable Color Coding Phonics and Spelling Rules Chart

I'm a trained special education teacher. Every lesson I create focuses on hands-on, interactive instruction. Here is a free printable phonics and spelling chart I developed to teach phonics sounds, syllable and spelling patterns using a color 'code.' Color coding helps children to use phonics to sound out rules and learn to spell properly. spelling lesson planst.

Free Printable Kids Around the World Coloring Pages

When I was four, I had a coloring book called 'Dolls of Many Lands'. Each page featured a doll dressed in traditional or native costume from different countries. Here are free printable coloring pages of children in traditional dress from cultures around the world. I remember how I enjoyed coloring the different cultural outfits from around the world. In today's world, we have become more global, but we haven't given up our individuality. Around the world children still dress in native ceremonial outfits at various cultural and religious holidays and events. These coloring pages make excellent social studies lessons. It helps children explore how children in other lands live. free printable kids around the world coloring pages

Free Printable Alphabet Lessons

Fisher Price, makers of Little People toys has created a website with hundreds of free printable coloring pages based on Fisher-Price and Mattel toys. Here are free printable alphabet letters, numbers and shapes coloring pages to use for preschool lessons. Free Printable Fisher Price Letters, Numbers Coloring

Free Printable Stone Soup Activities

The legend of Stone Soup is timeless. It's been retold by Marcia Brown, Ann McGovern and Jon J. Muth. Stone Soup is sacred text in preschool and elementary classrooms. Stone Soup teaches important affective and cognitive lessons: sharing, empathy, self advocacy. If you are teaching Stone Soup, here are free printable Stone Soup activities.

Free Printable Graphic Organizers for Special Education

Graphic organizers, content maps and content webs all refer to visual aids created by teachers to help students visual concepts and organize information into an understandable pattern. Here are free printable graphic organizers and content maps. Graphic organizers came into vogue and became a buzzword in education in the late 1980s. Many teachers, especially special education teachers trained in the late 1970s and early 1980s have always recognized the benefit of organizing content visually. free printable graphic organizers.

Free Printable Play Money, Bills, Coins for Money Math Lessons

I maintain several free education and lesson plans blogs. One of the most frequently requested materials from blog users is "free printable money". Teachers use play money, coins and bills in a variety of math lessons. Here are free printable coins, bills and play money. Home school families will want to use these free printable coins, bills and play money for lessons also. free printable play money 

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