Free Printable Color Coding Phonics, Spelling Rules Chart

Free Printable Color Coding Phonics and Spelling Rules Chart I'm a trained special education teacher. Every lesson I create focuses on hands-on, interactive instruction. Here is a free printable phonics and spelling chart I developed to teach all of the basic phonics sounds, syllable and spelling patterns, using a color 'code'. When teaching Montessori, I developed this color coding system to teach spelling and phonics. I've used color coding very successfully with adult education students also. Read on

Best Books for Chinese New Year and Oriental Culture for Upper Elementary and Middle School Students

 Chinese New Year celebrates the culture of the Orient. What better way to explore oriental culture in your classroom than with literature? Here is a collection of children's books of oriental wisdom for parents, teachers and homeschoolers. Pearl S. Buck: a missionary to China and early winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, Miss Buck writes with compassion and verve about her beloved China. "The House of Earth"," The Mother","The Big Wave and Other Gods" are just a few of the many tales that Pearl S. Buck has written for English speaking people about the ways of the Orient. Miss Buck's stories are written in the simplicity of Chinese language. Buck's books are just a few of the stories listed in this article for children. There are poetry collections, historical fiction, coming-of-age, fantasy and more. I've focused on kids in grades 3-6, but these books would work great for any age special needs student as read-alouds or independent readers. Best Books for Chinese New Year, Asia for Middle School

Free Printable Calendars, Checkbook Registers, Business Templates for Life Skills

I write a great deal about free printable items and am known for being able to find just about any kind of printable imaginable. Consequently, I get requests for specific internet printables. Several months ago, I was asked by a reader if I could find free printable BB gun targets. This was the most challenging request I'd had and at the time, I wasn't able to find much for him. Generally free printables websites are limited to coloring pages, crafts or business forms. I've recently stumbled upon a free printable clearinghouse that covers just about every imaginable kind of free printable document, craft activity, or template you could ask for. For special needs kids, there are printable calendars, planners, checkbook registers and business forms. I recommend using these for math, life skills, practical life and personal organization. The calendars are particularly helpful for new year's planning. Read on

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