Special Needs Students Need Patience And Expectations

I got my teaching certificate in 1986 with endorsements in special education--EI (emotional impairment) and CI (cognitive impairment). I chose special education because I'd volunteered in a centralized EI/ severely AI (autistic impaired) program. Asperger Syndrome (a variation of autism) was as yet undefined. Here are some tips on dealing with students on the autism spectrum, from teaching special needs kids.

* Ask for patience from others. Obviously, special needs kids deal with unique handicaps. With EI kids, it affects how they interact and communicate. Sometimes they appear rude. They have trouble expressing emotions, channeling anger and controlling behavior (those are things most kids struggle with). When you are out in public, It is perfectly acceptable to explain your child's disability. Be your child's advocate, but set expectations. Read more Special Needs Kids Need Patience But Also Expectations 

Case-It, Mead Five Star Binder Notebook Reviews

Back to school supplies requirements vary depending upon school district and grade level. One product that is commonly required in upper elementary, middle school and high school is a binder notebook. Case-it is a popular binder. Case-it and other zippered binders are all-enclosed notebook cases which store notebooks, folders and pencil case and 3-ring binder. Schools require a binder for students who rotate among classes. Binders are especially useful for special needs students who struggle with organization. But personal management is something all kids need to learn.  The zippered binder works well as it corrals papers, assignments and supplies in one convenient place. Here's a review of competitive brands.  Back to School Shopping: Case-It, Mead Five Star vs. Competitive Binder Notebook

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