Free Printable Geography Landforms Lesson Plans

Free Printable Geography Landforms Lesson Plans Coloring Pages, Worksheets and Activities One of the most oft bemoaned lack in educational curriculum is geography. Current emphasis on the generic 'social studies', often lacks geography, landforms and earth science. Here are free printable landforms and topography activities. Perfect hands-on, interactive lesson plans for concrete operations special needs learners. Read More

Free Printable Math Measurement Tools: Standard and Metric Ruler, Protractor, Square

Free Printable Math Measurement Tools: Standard, Ruler, Metric Ruler, Tape Measure, Protractor Free printable protractor, standard and  metric rulers, squares. Perfect to print and laminate for your special needs students. Help students remember to keep math measurement tools in binder for general education and special education math classes. Great for teaching life skills and personal responsibility, as well as math. Read More

Money Math Lessons for Special Needs Students

Hands On Business and Money Math Lessons: Student Entrepreneur Manufacturers Marketplace In my never-ending quest to make learning more hands-on and content more approachable, here is a school activity that combines business and money math, writing, design, marketing, public relations and organization: it's called Manufacturers Marketplace. Read More

Free Printable Money Math, Banking, Checking and Life Skills Lessons for Special Needs Students

Free Printable Lesson Plans: Math, Money, Banking, Shopping Free Printable Math and Money lesson plans, games, activities, projects, cut and paste, flashcards and worksheets. Teach coin counting, adding, making change, multiplication, division, banking, balancing a check book, calculating sales, discounts and shopping. Read More

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