Feed Special Needs Kids Right and Health Will Improve

Special needs kids present a variety of emotional, physical, mental and health concerns. ADD, ADHD, autism, asperger, developmental delays are some of the common special education classifications. We can't control or change all variables in children's health issues. But one area we can impact is nutrition. Here's a series of healthy snacks to make with kids to improve health. Fall is a great time to integrate these units. I've included cross-curricular connections. Weekly Kids Snack Menu Healthy School Lunches S is for Squash

Free Halloween, Trick-or-Treat Mazes

Paper mazes are great teaching tools for eye-hand coordination. They're puzzles where the player follows a path, through a complicated pattern. Mazes are great fun and make great lessons for special needs and perceptually challenged kids. I'm a special needs teacher and I have dyslexia. I love mazes Here are free printable Halloween and trick or treat mazes. Puzzle mazes vary from complicated to quite easy. Free Printable Halloween and Trick-or-Treat Mazes

Homemade, Hands-On Reading Games and Book-Themed Crafts

Homeschoolers, can you use cheap , homemade language arts lesson plans? Special needs teachers, do you want interactive reading games? Here are hands-on reading activities for preschool to high school. Use cheap, recycled materials. Lessons are based on HOTS (Higher-Order Thinking Skills): analysis, application, synthesis and evaluation.Hands-On Homemade Reading Crafts, Book Activities, Literature Games

Mnemonic Device to Organize Information and Remember People

Hi I'm mar and I'm dyslexic. If there's a word, letter or number you need transposed, call me. Need directions FUBAR-d? I'm your girl. My husband knows from 26 years of marriage) when I say "turn left," he should turn right. He has learned that magazines mean newspapers, paper clips are clothespins, etc (well, etc., for a dyslexic--there's really no way to know what we'll mix up next.)

So I not only understand how learning disabled students think, I empathize. Spelling, word order, letters and numbers give me an ocular migraine. We aren't dumb or slow--we just rearrange details. Our perceptions are distorted, too. Here's a mnemonic device I invented for categorizing information and cataloging data. If  it doesn't make sense to you non-dyslexics, don't worry. My fellow sufferers will get it!  My Dyslexic Way of Mentally Categorizing Connections

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