Free Printable Early American History Lesson Plans

Most elementary school curriculum contains a unit on American history. In 4th grade, many states require teachers to study pioneer, settler and early American history in their classrooms. Here are free printable lesson plans for social studies and American history. These lessons have been developed by teachers for teachers. Some have been designed by local history museums and historical societies. Use these in public school and homeschool. Age levels are set out for individual lessons but these are flexible. Many will work with special needs classrooms, also. Free Printable Hands On Early American History Lesson Plans 

Teaching kids healthy communication, interpersonal skills by modeling

Have you ever observed a parent shouting at a child to settle down? It would be funny if it wasn't so sad. The only thing this child is learning is that mommy yells, so yelling must be the right way to communicate. Hypocritical behavior like this not only jeopardizes the parent's relationship with the child, but the child's ability to form healthy relationships. These habits doom other relationships, too. This is just one troublesome parenting communication fail. Here are some others, along with healthier ways to help kids learn to get along. Teaching kids healthy communication, interpersonal skills by modeling

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