Free Printable Coloring Mini Books for Preschool, Early El, ECSE

Educator Jonathon Holt says children learn best when they are actively involved. Here are free printable mini booklets for children to color. Subject include letters, words, seasons, animals, science, Bible, holidays and lots more. These books make excellent classroom, homeschoool and supplemental lessons for ages 4-7 years (grades preschool through second). These free printable activities are especially good for ECSE and special needs children. Free Printable Coloring Mini Books for Children 

Gene Research Provides Diabetes Treatment Options

Researchers have discovered a new Type 1 diabetes gene. Australian scientists also found an LD1 master gene for Type 2 diabetes. New connections have been made between asthma and diabetes. Both conditions are also linked to weight problems, poor nutrition and sedentary lifestyles. Asthma and diabetes are the most common chronic childhood illnesses. Diabetes is commonly attributed to sedentary lifestyle. Diabetes is on the rise, as are asthma and obesity. Many special needs children, especially POHI (Physical or Otherwise Health Impaired) struggle with obesity, diabetes and asthma. Gene Research Provides Diabetes Treatment Options 

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