Teach Communication Skills Writing Product Reviews and Business Letters

I've gotten freebies from writing product reviews. You can get free stuff from companies if you review companies. Granted they favor positive reviews. I won't write paid advertorials. That isn't genuine. The reviews I write are about products I have tried and liked. I might review a product negatively, to warn people away, but generally I share about good products that have met my rigorous standards. This is great writing practice for students, both in product review and business letter composition.  This builds communication and self-advocacy skills for special needs kids. Did You Know You Can Get Free Stuff Writing Reviews on Bubblews? 

Free Printable Board Games for Interactive Learning

Hands-on activities, like games, make content relevant, approachable and understandable for both general and special education students. Preschool kids particularly need multisensory learning activities. Happily, there are many free printable preschool games available online. Memory, bingo, matching, lotto games and more. Read on Free Printable Preschool Board Games, Learning Activities

Free Printable Activities for Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Martin Luther King Jr. the civil rights activist and minister who was martyred in the 1960's birthday is January 15. The United States remembers and celebrates his life and work on the third Monday in January. This is a civil holiday but schools celebrate in some way.
Perhaps you are not all that familiar with Martin Luther King Jr? Or maybe you are like me and were teaching before this day was a holiday, and would like to acquaint yourself with the man and the day? Or maybe you simply wish to become more educated about our history and our wonderfully diverse nation. Here are several websites to explore for free resources and materials for your home-school, classroom, religious or community group.  Websites with Free Printables and Resources for Martin Luther King Jr. Day

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