Eunice Kennedy Shriver: Founder of Special Olympics

Eunice Kennedy Shriver, Founder of Special Olympics: Dead at 88
We bid farewell to a very special women today. Eunice Kennedy Shriver, fifth child of Rose and Joseph Kennedy, passed away at 88. Mrs. Shriver founded Special Olympics and was a staunch pro-life democrat and Roman Catholic. She worked tirelessly to further the cause of the special needs child, especially the mentally impaired. Read on..

School Policies on Bathroom Breaks: Health Issues

Going to the bathroom is a physical need, not a privilege. Many schools are setting policies about when and if students may use the bathroom. Here's the school's perspective, the student's perspective and how parents can help. Very relevant information for parents of children with kidney or bladder problems, juvenile diabetes and special needs children. School Policy Issue: Bathroom Passes, Restroom Privileges

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