Panic Attacks: Identification and Coping Skills

Panic attacks are much more common than most people realize. Panic attacks in children are particularly distressing for children and parents or teachers. It's easy to mistake a panic attack. Panic attacks may be overlooked, pooh-poohed or attributed to other issues. But the good news is that panic attacks are relatively easy to control once they are identified. Do you or someone you love suffer from panic attacks? Can you recognize a panic attack? Here's a guide for identifying and coping with panic attacks. kids and panic attacks

Test Anxiety- Coping Skills

Test Anxiety is a situational panic attack that affects many students. Test anxiety causes most students to freeze up when they face test-taking. Test anxiety causes students to perform poorly on tests that they are prepared for and should pass easily. Test anxiety affects a student's ability to demonstrate proficiency and can seriously alter grades, teacher expectation, success in school and ultimately a student's self-concept. Test anxiety is a condition that often goes unrecognized. Students may be labeled 'slow', 'challenged' or 'learning disabled'. Even though we have progressed in special education and our perception of special needs students, many kids fall through the cracks. Here's an article to help you self-diagnose test anxiety and develop healthy coping skills. Read more test anxiety tips

Age Appropriate Sexuality and Child Development

Kids Sexuality: Psychology, Development, Behavior and Healthy Attitudes
Child sexuality is an edgy issue. Religious dogmas can complicate the issue. Child sexuality can only be understood within a developmental framework. What is age appropriate behavior? How can we help children develop healthy sexuality? read more

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