Free School Supplies, Free Teacher Resources

Free Teacher Resources, Free Classroom Resources, Free Teaching Materials Here are ways to get free teacher resources, free teaching materials and free classroom resources. Homeschool families can take advantage of free school supplies, teaching materials, books, resources, games, posters, kits, hands on activities, learning games, manipulatives from Scholastic! free teaching supplies

Christmas Card Making Crafts for Special Needs Students: Easy and Fun

Green, cheap and homemade this holiday season's buzzwords. Here is a Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa craft that combines homemade, inexpensive and free and recycled: pop-up holiday cards made right from your recycle bin; with free printable stencils, they are darn near free. Pop-Up Christmas Card Making Craft 

Easy Free Christmas Crafts for Special Needs Children: Christmas Cards

Easy Stained Glass Window Christmas Card Crafts with Free Printable Holiday Stencils I'm always looking for good Christmas and holiday crafts that work with senior citizens, preschoolers and special needs students. Here's a no-fail stenciled holiday card making craft with free printable stencils included that's great for all ages. Read More

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