Free School Supplies, Free Teacher Resources

Free Teacher Resources, Free Classroom Resources, Free Teaching Materials Here are ways to get free teacher resources, free teaching materials and free classroom resources. Homeschool families can take advantage of free school supplies, teaching materials, books, resources, games, posters, kits, hands on activities, learning games, manipulatives from Scholastic! free teaching supplies

Christmas Card Making Crafts for Special Needs Students: Easy and Fun

Green, cheap and homemade this holiday season's buzzwords. Here is a Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa craft that combines homemade, inexpensive and free and recycled: pop-up holiday cards made right from your recycle bin; with free printable stencils, they are darn near free. Pop-Up Christmas Card Making Craft 

Easy Free Christmas Crafts for Special Needs Children: Christmas Cards

Easy Stained Glass Window Christmas Card Crafts with Free Printable Holiday Stencils I'm always looking for good Christmas and holiday crafts that work with senior citizens, preschoolers and special needs students. Here's a no-fail stenciled holiday card making craft with free printable stencils included that's great for all ages. Read More

Best Gifts for Autistic Kids

Choosing gifts for kids isn't always easy; if a child has Autism Spectrum Disorder, choosing a gift may seem impossible. I teach autistic and emotionally impaired children and here is my list of best gifts for children. Best Gifts for Autistic Kids

Special Needs Transitions: Choosing a Handicapped Accessible Living Facility

 As part of my ongoing series on senior care issues, we explore handicapped accessible assisted living apartments. This guide will help you choose appropriate housing accommodations for handicapped persons. Must-Haves for Handicapped Accessible Apartments

Self-Care for Caregivers of Special Needs Children

Probably nobody needs to practice self-care habits like caregivers for the elderly, mentally handicapped and physically impaired. Burn out in these types of care-giving can occur extremely quickly. Here are some hints. Self Care Elderly Physically Impaired caregivers 

Feingold Diet, Food Allergies and ADHD

History of Hyperactive Kids, Medical Model of Attention Deficit Disorder
"Hyperactivity" was first diagnosed in the late 1960s. DSM II called it MBD (Minimal Brain Damage). These terms were later changed to ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and ADHD. offers non-drug solutions to ADD.
Read on.

ADD, ADHD Attention Deficit Drugs vs. Diet

Prescription Drugs vs. Nutrition and Diet Therapy for Treating ADD and ADHD MBD (Minimal Brain Damage) or hyperactivity is in vogue again; now we call it ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). We are medicating kids at a rate unequaled even in the 1960s. What about diet in treating ADD and ADHD? special needs medication debate

Eunice Kennedy Shriver: Founder of Special Olympics

Eunice Kennedy Shriver, Founder of Special Olympics: Dead at 88
We bid farewell to a very special women today. Eunice Kennedy Shriver, fifth child of Rose and Joseph Kennedy, passed away at 88. Mrs. Shriver founded Special Olympics and was a staunch pro-life democrat and Roman Catholic. She worked tirelessly to further the cause of the special needs child, especially the mentally impaired. Read on..

School Policies on Bathroom Breaks: Health Issues

Going to the bathroom is a physical need, not a privilege. Many schools are setting policies about when and if students may use the bathroom. Here's the school's perspective, the student's perspective and how parents can help. Very relevant information for parents of children with kidney or bladder problems, juvenile diabetes and special needs children. School Policy Issue: Bathroom Passes, Restroom Privileges

Free Printable Math Tools

The best way to teach math concepts is to demonstrate with hands-on math manipulatives. Here are hundreds of free printable cut and paste math manipulative tools: fraction bars,base ten blocks, clocks play money and more. Free Printable Math Activities

Free Printable Handwriting Worksheets, Cursive, Print

Handwriting skills are less commonly taught now with the advent of word processors and computers. School curriculum still requires some instruction, especially for special needs kids. The physical act of handwriting can be challenging. Here are internet resources to help. If you need free printable cursive, penmanship and printing practice pages, look here. Free Printable Handwriting Worksheets

Free Printable File Folder Games

Free Printable File Folder Games File folder games can be created to teach any content area: phonics,math,writing,language arts,science,social studies and more. File folder games are perfect for homeschool, tutoring, special education and preschool centers. Here are hundreds of free printable file folder games. free printable file folder games

Hands on Math Manipulatives for Math Instruction

Student-Made Abacus for Hands On Math Instruction Describes how to make a simple cheap abacus for student use in math. Use for place value, carrying in addition, borrowing in subtraction, decimals, positive and negative numbers, and number lines. Perfect for special needs kids. Here's how

Free Printable Cut and Color Phonics Readers

Free Printable Cut and Color Leveled Reader Booklets
30+ free printable phonics, spelling, reading and content area booklets; grade-leveled for easy use by parents, caregivers and grandparents as well as teachers. Save hundreds on summer tutoring with free internet printable lesson plans! Click here...

Free Printable Math Lessons and Activities

Websites for Free Math Help Internet websites that offer free math tutoring, lessons and tools. Lots of free printable worksheets,games and activities. Basic math, fractions, decimals, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus and more. Good sites for students, teachers, parents and home school. Excellent free resources for CI, LD kids, special needs students and special education programs. Click here

Learning Games for Special Needs Students

How to Plan Summer Tutoring for Children Summer approaches and kids are delighted, but as adults, we know that time away from studies can take it's toll on skills gained over the school year. Here's a guide for parents to help students practice skills over the summer. Read on.

Free Printable Money Math Lesson Plans, Life Skills Lessons

Free Printable Money Math Lesson Plans--Life Skills, Banking, Shopping Free Printable Math and Money lesson plans, games, activities, projects, cut and paste, flashcards and worksheets. Teach coin counting, adding, making change, multiplication, division, banking, balancing a checkbook, calculating sales, discounts and shopping. Read on

Best Books for Autism Awareness Month

April is Autism Awareness Month. Here is my recommended reading list for special needs educators, parents and caregivers. These stories and volumes are dated, but not out of date. They provide a focal point for where we've been, where we are and where we are going in special education. My copies are dogeared and torn. And I treasure them like Croesus's gold. Best Books on Special Needs Children 

Free Printable Play Money for Life Skills, Math

Children love to play with money. As they play store and interact with play money, they learn math skills and marketing and economics lessons. Play money provides great practice for special needs students in important life skills and transition activities. Here are links to free printable play money. Read more Free Printable Play Money: American and Euro 

Self Care for Caregivers of Handicapped Kids

Self Care Basics: Ways to Stay Sane and Healthy. Care-givers with special needs children are especially prone to low self-esteem and depression. Please read this guide to self-care and emotional health issues. You can't pour from an empty cup. For more on emotional health, visit me at my blogspot blogs: Emotional Health Help and Health Help 4U. read on
self care for caregivers

Panic Attacks: Identification and Coping Skills

Panic attacks are much more common than most people realize. Panic attacks in children are particularly distressing for children and parents or teachers. It's easy to mistake a panic attack. Panic attacks may be overlooked, pooh-poohed or attributed to other issues. But the good news is that panic attacks are relatively easy to control once they are identified. Do you or someone you love suffer from panic attacks? Can you recognize a panic attack? Here's a guide for identifying and coping with panic attacks. kids and panic attacks

Test Anxiety- Coping Skills

Test Anxiety is a situational panic attack that affects many students. Test anxiety causes most students to freeze up when they face test-taking. Test anxiety causes students to perform poorly on tests that they are prepared for and should pass easily. Test anxiety affects a student's ability to demonstrate proficiency and can seriously alter grades, teacher expectation, success in school and ultimately a student's self-concept. Test anxiety is a condition that often goes unrecognized. Students may be labeled 'slow', 'challenged' or 'learning disabled'. Even though we have progressed in special education and our perception of special needs students, many kids fall through the cracks. Here's an article to help you self-diagnose test anxiety and develop healthy coping skills. Read more test anxiety tips

Age Appropriate Sexuality and Child Development

Kids Sexuality: Psychology, Development, Behavior and Healthy Attitudes
Child sexuality is an edgy issue. Religious dogmas can complicate the issue. Child sexuality can only be understood within a developmental framework. What is age appropriate behavior? How can we help children develop healthy sexuality? read more

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