Teach healthy habits: Wean 'tube-fed' kids off television with TV addicts diet

Are your kids educationally tube fed? Do your TV addicts "eat" cable TV for breakfast, movies for lunch and sit-coms for dinner? Most kids and yes. adults, consume diets high in saturated TV viewing. Or video gaming, texting, surfing the net. It's all just staring at a screen. Summer time--with three months of freedom--is the big temptation for TV addicts. Television isn't a demon, but too much television will liquefy kids' precious brain cells. Want to get (boob) tube-fed kids off television and into healthy habits? Try the TV addicts diet. Here are ways to wean TV addicts off television and onto life!   Teach healthy habits: Wean 'tube-fed' kids off television with TV addicts diet | Examiner.com

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