Easy, DIY Letter Dice for Word Games from Your Recycle Bin

DIY Scrabble Letter Dice Word Games for Reading and Spelling Summer means freedom and fun for kids, but summer can also take its toll on retention of material learned over the school year. Here's a fun, easy DIY game to make and play with children and tweens to keep reading, writing and spelling skills fresh. Read More

Recycled Math Manipulatives for Hands-On Math Games

DIY Recycled Math Manipulatives for Teaching Place Value Educational wisdom says that students learn best when they do hands-on tasks. The more students interact with materials the faster they learn and the better they retain concepts. Here are diy, recycled materials for math manipulatives. Read More

Summer Theater for Special Needs Students

Summer Repertory Theater Opportunities for Children Summer Repertory Theater also known as 'summer stock' is the perfect way to introduce children to the world of theater, drama and acting, either as a spectator or performer. Almost every city has some form of summer theater opportunities. Theater is a great way to channel a special needs child's energy and draw him out. Read More

Easy, Inexpensive Summer Tutoring Kit

Cheap Homemade Tutoring Kit--Spelling, Writing, Math and Reading One educational issue that worries parents and teachers during the summer is retention of concepts learned in school. How can we prevent kids from forgetting everything they were taught? Here's an easy, inexpensive alternative to tutoring. Read More

Free Printable Fathers Day Cards to Color

Free Printable Fathers Day Cards to Color Father's Day can mean an extra strain on the budget, if you buy gifts and cards for dads, grandpas, step-dads, etc. Why not save yourself big money on cards by printing Father's Day cards? Children can color these free printable cards. Great for special needs students! Read More

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