Dr. Seuss Lesson Plans for ESCE Preschool Learning Centers

 The Cat in the Hat doffs his cap on March 2, to honor the birthday of his creator Dr. Seuss. The NEA (National Education Association) celebrates 'Read Across America' the first week of March. Celebrate Dr. Seuss with your students. Great for preschool learning centers. Dr.Seuss Preschool Learning Center Activities

Winter Olympics Fitness Activities and Lesson Plans for Special Needs Children

 The Olympics make a great subject for study in the classroom or home school. Winter Olympics celebrates talent, athletics, health and wellness and multicultural interaction. Here some ways to bring the Olympics into your lesson plans. Winter Olympics Activities and Lesson Plans

Free Safe Online Math Game Websites; Great for Special Needs Students

 We as teachers are always (or should be) searching to make learning in general more hands-on, student-friendly and interactive. Math is an especially challenging subject. Here are free, safe internet math gaming sites. Play and learn! Free Educational Online Math Game Websites

Free Printable Valentine Cards For Kids- Great for Special Needs Students

Free Printable Valentines for Kids Kids love to exchange valentines on Valentine's Day. Valentines are going up in price just like everything else. How about a green, creative, money saving option? Free printable valentines for school exchanges? Here are many to choose from. Read More

Free Printable Personalized Disney Story Books- Great for EI and CI Students

Imagine free printable Disney story books! Now imagine free printable personalized Disney story books starring your child! What a great way to practice reading: stories about Disney friends and you! Your students will love making books starring themselves and favorite Disney characters. Perfect for special needs kids! Free Printable Personalized Disney Story books

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