Free Fire Safety, Environment, Emergency Preparedness Lesson Plans

One thing special needs children struggle with is decision-making. Lessons on safety and emergency preparedness are vital in special education curriculum. Here are free lesson plans to teach students about wildfires, fire prevention and environmental science from Sparky, Smokey and more. These are just in time for Fire Prevention Week, October 7-13, 2012. Lesson Plans About Wildfires, Fire Prevention and Environmental Science 

Free Printable Bugs Coloring Pages and Activities

 Insects, bugs and spiders make the perfect unit for school or homeschool in autumn. Many special needs kids love bugs, but some are afraid of them. These lesson plans can help children understand insects and learn how to explore them safely. Caterpillars, butterflies and cocoons are a perfect topic to explore in fall. Insects are a fascinating subject for life science and biology classes. For your lessons on insects or just for coloring page fun, here are 150 free printable insect and spider coloring pages. Free Printable Bugs Coloring Pages

Free Printable Labor Day Coloring Pages for Vocational training

Labor Day was developed by labor unions as a day to recognize the achievements and contributions of organized labor as well as the efforts of every working person in the United States. As with most holidays and celebration, Labor Day has come to be known as the last party day before school starts. And every holiday must have it's fun and games, right? Here are several websites which offer free printable coloring pages, games, puzzles and party decorations. For those who want to explore the more educational aspect of Labor Day, I listed some links and websites with free printable lesson plans and activities as well. Free Printable Labor Day Activities for Vocational training

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