Worries About Recurrent Infectious Mono

May I drop the professional writer mask and be a worried mama for a moment? Our youngest has been diagnosed three times with mono and I'm at my wits' end. Now the specialist says she doesn't have it. Yet she keeps testing postive. Here's the story.   Worries About Recurrent Infectious Mono

Free Printable Preschool Games, Hands-on Activities, Lesson Plans

Hands-on preschool games and activities help build developmental skills in early childhood. There's no need to spend money on lessons for preschoolers. You can find free printable games and interactive educational materials online. Many preschool printables are also cut and paste crafts that kids can make themselves. Here are free printable alphabet activities, reading and letter games, math worksheets and shapes lessons. Use these games for special needs students, special education classrooms and ECSE (PPI) students. Read more atFree Printable Preschool Games, Hands-on Activities, Lesson Plans

Fun Father's Day food ideas for Special Needs Kids to Make for Dad

There's an urban legend, propagated by marketers that to give dad a nice Father's Day, it's necessary to spend big. That's not true. I've been throwing Father's Day bashes for 24 years with my four kids. For very little, we make big fun. How? With food--the secret to most any dad's heart is by way of his stomach. My plan gets kids involved and teaches them some useful cooking skills, too. Perfect hands-on, life skills lessons for preschool and special needs kids. Here are some of our most successful Father's Day fetes. Fun, kid-friendly Father's Day food ideas

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