Best Books for EI, ADHD Special Needs Teen Boys

As a teacher and homeschool parent, reading for research and pleasure is elemental to me. Each person in my family, male and female is a passionate bibliophile. I'm surprised when parents say that their kids, especially the boys, don't like to read. I suggest that this is less a distaste for reading, as that they haven't found books that engage them.

This is particularly true for boys identified with special needs, like EI, CI, ADHD, Asperger Syndrome and mild autism. Because they struggle with other issues, reading often becomes just another way they learn failure. Yes, I said learn failure. Success and failure are states of mind learned from the attitudes, expectations and behavior of others. When a child perceives that others expect him to fail, he obliges. He believes himself incapable and beyond help. He avoids challenge. Happily that trend works in the reverse. Kids who are encouraged learn success and make better choices.

To remedy fear-of-failure in reading, I've created a list of books and authors guaranteed to inspire the teen boy reluctant readers. The books are challenging. The authors don't pretty up their stories. Most of these books have some mature content and that's one reason boys love them so much. They feel respected and not talked down to. I recommend reading these stories with kids.  Best books, authors to ignite a passion for reading in tween boys 

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