Kate Gosselin forced to give kids to Jon Gosselin but special needs son Colin Gosselin still MIA on 'Kate Plus 8'

Ex-reality television dad Jon Gosselin finally got to spend time with a few of his eight kids--but not without a fight with mom. After multiple child abuse charges, his estranged wife Kate Gosselin was court-ordered to surrender the children to their dad. But there's still no word on 12-year-old sextuplet Collin Gosselin. The boy was sent by his mother, sans his father's consent or knowledge, to a "special school" that turned out to be a mental hospital. Collin's still MIA in family pictures and on Gosselin's "Kate Plus 8" reality TV show.  What special needs does the boy have and what could he have done that was severe enough to warrant months of separation from family? All Kate says is that he tested her and is headstrong.  Special education experts question the Kate's wisdom in having him locked up at so young an age. Kate Gosselin forced to give kids to Jon Gosselin but son Colin still MIA on 'Kate Plus 8'

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