Teaching Kids to Live Al-Anon Slogans: Practice Self-Care

Anxiety and I go back a long way. Fear has been a constant companion, if not a friend. Panic attacks have ruled me and fight-or-flight characterized my behavior. Thanks to 12-step recovery groups like Al-Anon, I use past tense. I am learning to take care of myself so negative feelings don't control me. Kids need to be taught young how to do this, so they don't end like me (and so many others) having to relearn self-care as adults.
Here's how.

Cast out false fear. My old modus operandi was others-driven. I lived in constant fear of upsetting, angering, disappointing and failing. Fear consumed, overwhelmed and exhausted me. I got physically ill. Fear will always be my most challenging nemesis. Combating it means stepping way outside my comfort zone. But if I don't, the zone only gets smaller. Self-care means bearding my lions.  Living Al-Anon Slogans: Take Care of Yourself, Do What's Best for You

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