How Fat People Are Bullied, Shamed

 "Fat" is one of the most common words in the English language. It's used mostly-negatively to describe, ridicule, shame, preach and value-judge. Being overweight myself, it seems fat people get more than their share of bullying. At least, I got treated better when I was thinner and now that I am losing weight. Kids are taught not to bully, but that doesn't always apply to overweight kids. They're still teased just as much and sometimes with adult sanctioning. There is a difference between harassing for weight problems and encouraging kids to diet if they're overweight. The first is counter-productive. The second can be helpful if it comes from someone who can and will help. If it's just one person pontificating about how a fat person "should" lose weight, it's also counter-productive. How Fat People Are Bullied, Shamed

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